It's everyone's game.

Step up your game to the next level.
Equip your mind with the mental powers to strive in every environment.

Sport Mastery

Stress Profiling

Fully customized to empower yourself with techniques to manage stress better.

Mental Skills Training Workshops

Educational workshops on various topics in Sport Psychology.
One-off workshop/series of 10 workshops max.


  • Sport-like activities in the workshop to enhance realism of the competition.
  • Increase self-awareness before, during and after competitions or trainings.
  • Better understanding of individual stress response.
  • Individual Consultations

    Performance troubleshooting with athletes.


  • Empower Individuals with practical strategies to deal with different types of stressors.
  • Increased ability to manage stress under competition or stressful situations.
  • Improved individual emotional awareness.
  • Reaction Time Training

    Increase athlete's reaction time through computer-based learning.


  • Always a step AHEAD of competitors.
  • Improved speed in competition.
  • Faster decision making in competition.
  • Biofeedback Training

    Increase athlete's psychophysiological control to perform under pressure.
    First session includes a Stress Profiling.


  • Interactive computer based learning (portable and versatility in terms of training requirements.
  • Increased aerobic capacity.
  • Improved emotional control in sport and in life.
  • Sport-specific Psychophysiological Training

    Skills training in reaction time, decision making, biofeedback training, routines, and performance analysis for a specific sport &/or position in the sport.

    Psychophysiological Monitoring

    Live monitoring of athletes' heart rates & respiration rates.
    Each player's heart rate, respiration rate, training intensity, caloric expenditure will be recorded.


  • Provide instant feedback of one's competition and training performance.
  • Enable Individuals to customize their training programme to maximise effectiveness.
  • Improved emotional control in sport and in life.
  • Click here to download a copy.

    Work Mastery

    Stress Profiling

    Fully customized to empower yourself with teahniques to manage stress better.

    Leadership Training

    Improving people management skills for supervisors & managers in corporate companies.

    Corporate High Performer

    High performance strategies for corporate peak performance and optimal physical and mental well-being.

    Performance Under Pressure

    Biofeedback training for corporates who want to manage stress better.
    First session includes a Stress Profiling.

    Motivating Staff

    Motivating staff for reporting officers in corporate companies.

    High Performing Teams

    Team building session to improve team dynamics and communication between colleagues.
    This course will be customized to your needs.

    Walk & Talk

    Consultation with the Lead Psychologist for performance troubelshooting, while getting a workout at the same time - consult is done during a walk.

    Click here to download a copy.

    Life Mastery

    Mastermind Series

    Peak performance programme for coaches, teachers, parents, leaders, optimal well-being.
    Series of educational and practical workshops.

    Kickstart Mind & Body

    12 week optimal wellbeing programme targeted at improving physical and mental wellbeing.
    Focus on improving body shape, nutritional habits, physical fitness & mental wellbeing.

    Stress Management

    Biofeedback training sessions for better stress management.
    First session includes a Stress Profiling.

    Cafe Sessions

    Monthly Saturday afternoon talks on generic peak performance such as sleep, nutrition etc.
    These sessions are conducted at our office with free flow coffee/tee & light refreshments.

    Social Sports

    Floorball for working adults. Highly sought-after weekly sessions.
    Join us here!

    Walk & Talk

    Consultation with the Lead Psychologist for performance troubelshooting, while getting a workout at the same time - consult is done during a walk.

    service 1

    Sport Mastery

    Learn the secrets to become successful and think like a winner on and off the sporting field. Our programmes are carefully tailored to suit your trainings and competitions.

    service 2

    Work Mastery

    Mental skills are not solely for athletic endeavors. When employees are mentally tough, they are better able to remain focused, motivated and purposeful in their work.

    service 3

    Life Mastery

    Our life peak performance programmes are targeted at helping the average person become even better, enhancing their physical and mental well-being.

    Mindroom Peak Sport Performance

    Together with Dr. Pierre Beauchamp - Director of Sport Science & Founder of Peak Sport Performance Mindroom,
    Psyched Consultancy exclusively runs the Mindroom Peak Sport Performance programmes here in Singapore.

    Find out more >

    Bring out your BEST!

    Have you attended our workshops? Head over to our Facebook page to check out more events & workshops!

    project 1

    The Ultimate 3v3 Floorball 2014

    DateMay 24 - 25, 2014
    VenueTampines West CC
    PhotosClick Here

    The Ultimate 3v3 Floorball was organized in collaboration with Tampines West Community Club across 2 days and saw a total of 62 teams across 6 categories.

    project 2

    Psyched to climb Mt Kinabalu!

    DateJuly, 2014
    VenuePsyched Performance Lab & Mt Kinabalu
    PhotosClick Here

    We were honoured to be invited to be part of a documentary featuring the Tinke. Psyched Performance Lab provided biofeedback training for the climbers and followed up with more biofeedback training on Mt KK, so that they could make it to the peak with ease while monitoring their vitals on the Tinke. Check out part 1 of the 3-part video to see what we are capable of!

    project 3

    Peak Optimal Performance (POP) Mindfulness

    DateOctober 9, 2014
    VenueSAP Asia Pte Ltd
    PhotosClick Here

    An overwhelming response to this Mindfulness Workshop during their lunch break, with Emily introducing good POP habits in and out of work, good breathing techniques & achieving personal optimal performance at work.

    project 4

    UOB Floorball Faceoff

    DateNovember 10, 2014
    PhotosClick Here

    A team bonding session over floorball with lots of fun & laughter for the people at UOB! Check out the photos taken at the link above!

    project 5

    Sport Psychology Workshop for Muay Thai Coaches

    DateMay 12, 2013
    VenueOrchid Country Club

    A short one-day workshop on integration of Sport Psychology for Muay Thai coaches.

    project 6

    SLA 3-day Leadership Workshop

    DateOctober 16 - 18, 2013
    VenueSLA & Henderson Waves
    PhotosClick Here

    A fun-filled interactive 3-day workshop on being an effective & motivated leader for the new managers at Singapore Land Authority. This fruitful workshop ended with a walk to remember at Henderson Waves.

    project 7

    WT | Picnic 2014

    DateAugust 29, 2014
    VenuePsyched Performance Lab
    PhotosClick Here

    Held in collaboration with Zensorium, WT | picnic is an informal and fun gathering for everyone interested in wearable technologies. This event is an annual global happening in summer to gather with other Wearable Techies from your local WT community.
    Zensorium: The makers of Tinké, a sensor to measure your Zen/Stress (via Heart Rate Variability) and Fitness (via Heart Rate, Breathing and Oxygen Levels).

    project 8

    HOW TO: Sleep Well to Improve Work Performance

    DateOctober 25, 2014
    VenuePsyched Performance Lab
    PhotosClick Here

    We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, yet most of us do not maximise the full benefits of sleeping. In this casual workshop, participants are exposed to exclusive content based on the latest research on sleep. They are also introduced to cool technology tools, like activity trackers that can help us to improve our quality of sleep.

    project 9

    Introducing Sports Psychology to the Student Leaders at Temasek Polytechnic

    DateMay 18, 2013
    VenueTemasek Polytechnic
    PhotosClick Here

    Emily helps TP Student Leaders overcome their mental challenges in this one-day workshop, introducing Sport Psychology to these young athletes.

    • project 1

      The Ultimate 3v3 Floorball 2014

      2 days of fantastic floorball action!

    • project 2

      Psyched to climb Mt Kinabalu!

      A documentary featuring the Tinke

    • project 3

      POP Mindfulness

      for SAP People Week

    • project 4

      UOB Floorball Faceoff

      Team-bonding session over a new sport!

    • project 5

      Sport Psychology Workshop

      For Muay Thai Coaches

    • project 6

      3-day Leadership Workshop

      On being an effective & motivating leader

    • project 7

      WT | Picnic 2014

      Wearable Technologies Picnic

    • project 8

      HOW TO: Sleep Well

      To improve work performance

    • project 9

      Sport Psychology Workshop

      For Temasek Polytehnic Student Leaders

    So why Psyched?

    As former athletes, we understand the demands of professional athletes to reach peak performance.
    We know what it takes to win in your particular game.

    team 1

    Emily Ortega

    Director & Lead Psychologist

    Emily helped nurtured Singapore's elite athletes to clinch multiple World Championship titles, Asian, Commonwealth & Olympic medals.

    team 1

    Psyched Consultancy

    Performance Psychology

    We are a business with a heart & have a strong social mission to use sports as a tool to help maximise the potential of every individual.

    team 1

    Jaime Cheong

    Director & Performance Specialist

    Jaime knows what it takes to reach peak performance, having played competitively with the Singapore Floorball National Team for over a decade & have been coaching elite teams for 7 years.

    About Us

    The mental skills of an athlete mirror those of top performers in any field. Working in corporate, performance-based companies requires the same level of mental fitness. The right skills will enable you to achieve optimum performance and succeed. At Psyched, we see mental skills training for athletes as peak performance training for anyone who wants to excel in what they do. We are keen to share our competitive sporting experience as athletes, coaches, and industry players with you. We want to share what we know best so you can unleash the sportsperson in you.


    Our Vision

    To be the leading service provider in Asia for peak performance mental skills training.


    Our Mission

    To empower individuals through mental skills training by readying their minds for peak performance.


    Our Secret

    Using advanced technology & proven measures to help people capitalize on their potential in their area of expertise.

    Optimal performance starts from the right frame of mind.

    Let's get you fit & performance ready

    Kind words from our clients.

    We enjoy collaborating with people from different fields of interest. Here's what they are saying.

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    Our Track Record

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